About Wallock

Our passionate team is all about an obsession to create the best storage systems on the planet!

Strong    •    Stylish    •    Sustainable

To pass our test everything we design and produce is beautiful, highly functional and must be durable enough to last a lifetime.

Our mantra is “Strong, Stylish and Sustainable” but our inspiration is turning your garage into a functional showroom and a place to display your toys in a way never seen before.

Our modern lifestyles mean playtime is always at a premium, so when you get those rare moments to go unwind Wallock wants you to be ready. Nothing worse than wanting to jump on your bike, hit a few balls, chuck a line or get barrelled and it takes you longer to find all your gear, or even worse, something missing or damaged. No matter your sport or hobby Wallock has a range designed specifically for you! We keep everything together, safe and visible, so when it’s game time, it’s go time.

We are all active outdoors people who respect just how important your equipment is to you.

Modern sporting equipment is engineered to the highest standards using the latest materials and fine-tuned to give you the edge, at Wallock we understand all this comes at a cost, so it doesn’t make sense to just prop your bike or golf bag against the wall, or lay your rods or board on a shelf next to the dirty laundry basket!

DIY projects in the garage are frustrating when you can’t find your tools “who’s been using my tools and not put them back” is all too common. After many a wasted dollar and unnecessary trip to the hardware store we designed Wallock. By adding a quality workbench, tool cupboards and racks Wallock premium transforms your garage into a professional workshop and most importantly DIY becomes more fun than frustrating.

A note from me:

Personally I mountain bike, fish and absolutely hate missing an epic glassy winter swell, plus can’t stop myself from spending a few hours after work in the garage tinkering on the tools, but the reality is we all probably spend more time collecting, prepping and cleaning our gear for the next epic trip than we do actually using them (and in my opinion that’s half the fun.) So why not spoil yourself and turn your garage into an organised sanctuary and a functional place to enjoy spending time in.

Every new rack design starts with you! We learnt very quickly how complex some sports can be and how many vital accessories can accompany them and that’s why we talk to you the experts to ensure that each range we provide has been designed to your highest expectations. No detail is left unnoticed and no feedback is ignored.

If it goes in the garage, storeroom and hobby area, we have the perfect solution for you.